"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." I met Tim Guinan when he was training... I had never worked with a trainer before and like most people a little skeptic . Tim took the time to first understand what I wanted to get out of my workout. We talked about how much time I wanted to spend at the gym, how many days I wanted to commit to working out, how serious I was about achieving the results I wanted. Tim started as my personal trainer shortly thereafter. He not only designed my "new workout" he also took the time to explain the fundamentals of a good workout. I have always enjoyed working out but I can honestly say, "Tim has renewed my passion to work out and I love the results".

Kim Dempsey, Mt. Airy, MD

Buddy Plan

Train with a friend/partner/significant other twice a week. Increase your performance and enhance your experience! Maximize your experience and results through working with a partner- a work-out buddy. A partner will:

Be a source of encouragement
Help create a little healthy competition
Keep it fun & challenging
Keep you driven
Keep costs minimized

Group classes are ok for some, yet you get a cookie-cutter, group approach. The Buddy Plan is one-on-one, individually customized nutritional and physical training created with one goal in mind- yours! Train in your home or at the gym near you.


Succeed with you and a buddy - twice a week @ 1 hour per session with one of our Trainers for the both of you. Twenty four sessions total. Three months is about the average it takes to achieve the best results without it being pure torture.


You and a buddy - twice a week @ 1 hour per session with one of our Trainers for the both of you will get you on your way. Eight sessions total. You have the option to merge into the 3 month plan at any time in your training.

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