• Obstacle Course Competition and Race training programs available at our Great Falls Obstacle Course. We are looking for a few good, driven people who want to “up their game” and increase their chances of a successful completion of the many Runs that are out there- Tough Mudder; Spartan Race; Warrior Dash; Zombie Run. Why just survive these? Have fun and COMPETE in them!”

Upcoming Events

  • 14 March 2015 Battlefrog Orlando - We have a team from our OCR Unleashed family going- JOIN THE FUN! Start the year right & break free from the winter cold! Battlefrog’s namesake race is an intense course of approximately 15k in length, including a minimum of 25 of our signature SEAL-inspired obstacles. This course will be a combination of a timed race for serious athletes, as well as standard heats, meant to encourage teamwork and foster the spirit of cooperation among participants.

Absolute Personal Life Enhancement

Are you serious about reaching your goals? Have you tried everything and reached a plateau? What is the next step? Are you looking to make it exciting again? Train individually and get the trainer all to yourself! This works well for those self-motivated, driven individuals seeking to maximize their experience, and gain as much insight from the trainer as possible. You work at your own pace, as hard as you want/can and you are held accountable.

Learn a new way of life; feel and look stronger and gain confidence; look better in and out of your clothes - for life! We have been there and done that! We pride ourselves on walking the walk, and being able to give you health that will last a lifetime!

Tandem Team Training (for Small Groups)

Different than traditional “boot camps”. Specially designed short-term courses for full body targeting and/or specific target areas. Weight management is FUN with this approach in this environment- and everyone is on the same page, either just for improving fitness, and/or weight management- YOU CAN DO THIS- WITH US! The team culture promotes group accountability.

Functional Training mixed with strength training, in a fun group team-themed atmosphere! Everyone trains at THEIR OWN level- pushing THEIR OWN envelope, achieving fast results in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

You can join us in Damascus, MD., or arrange for training in your neighborhood. New schedule forming NOW! Call/e-mail your desires and availability!

Tandem Team Training (for a partner or two)

Train with a friend/partner/significant other and increase your performance with an enhanced experience! Maximize your training and results through working with one or two others:

Be a mutual source of encouragement
Create a little healthy competition
Keeps it fun & challenging
Keeps you driven
Keeps costs minimized; training maximized

Most group classes are a cookie-cutter, group approach. Unless carefully crafted, group approach is not the most efficient way for you! This is a one-on-one, individually customized nutritional and physical training program created with one goal in mind - yours!

Nutritional Guidance

Confused with all that information out there- information overload? Haven’t gotten where you want? Is your metabolism lagging? We have the professional training and experience. We have already waded through the mountains of information to guide you to a new way of life- a nutritional plan that you will like, that will last a lifetime! No fad diets- just good common sense with the right numbers, timing and foods- real food! Accountability to self and us enhances the experience.

We can include this with one of our other training programs and/or work with you online to achieve YOUR goals! At Get Results Trainers- we live by what we teach and the guidance we give you- and it shows!

Everything is connected- a "whole-istic" approach- TOTAL PACKAGE- for you.



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