• Obstacle Course Competition and Race training programs available at our Great Falls Obstacle Course. We are looking for a few good, driven people who want to “up their game” and increase their chances of a successful completion of the many Runs that are out there- Tough Mudder; Spartan Race; Warrior Dash; Zombie Run. Why just survive these? Have fun and COMPETE in them!”

Upcoming Events

  • July 19, 2014 Test your mettle with us in a US Navy SEAL designed 5K run prior to the "big races"! Big discount (use code SEAL2); join team Kilt em all and run with the best most fun supportive group around! Kilts are optional, though, they make it WAY more fun! September 27, 2014 Tough Mudder Team formed for the 27 September 2014 WV competition- be part of the "Kilt 'em all" Team! Train like a champion - train with us! Contact us on how to join and where to get your kilt! Team shirts with every new team member!

Personal Training In Maryland - Is This You?

  • "I've been going to the gym, but I haven't been able to achieve the results I want..."
  • "I'm doing sports and want to improve my game..."
  • "I want to change my shape...I'm tired all the time..."
  • "I have special needs and requirements - what can I do?"
You have done all you can do. You've gotten yourself as far as you can go. It's time to achieve the results you desire and deserve. It's time to turn yourself over to the experts- our professional and dedicated staff. It's time to change your life. We are currently seeking people to join us who are looking to up their game- be better than they currently are- people who want to compete in the Tough Mudders and Zombie Runs; Spartan Races, etc. SUCCESSFULLY. Welcome to GETRESULTSTrainers

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